Day centre takes its provision to new heights


Caerphilly Council is adopting an innovative approach to support individuals to get the best out of day centre provision: it is increasing opportunities to maintain or further develop their independence, even in the toilet.

As part of a major refurbishment of its Brondeg Day Centre, set in a Victorian house in Blackwood, the Council has had a Closomat Lima Lifter height adjustable wash & dry toilet installed in place of a conventional WC.

The Closomat looks like- and can be used as- a typical toilet, but, unlike a standard WC, it has built-in douching and drying; the user’s bottom is washed clean afterwards, without any  need to manually wipe with toilet tissue (with or without carer support). The Lima Lifter additionally features fully automatic height adjustment, set into the unit’s support arms. This means it can be set to the optimum height for each user, and, if necessary, raised or lowered to help individuals get on and off the toilet.


Therefore, anyone who may have needed help to get on , off the toilet, or to be clean afterwards, can ‘go’ with little or no assistance, and be assured that they are effectively, consistently clean and comfortable afterwards.


Team manager at Caerphilly County Borough Council Lynda Williams explained, “Brondeg Day Centre embraces the philosophy of ‘feelings matter most’, valuing the individual and enabling all who make use of its day services to be as independent as possible.


“It was felt that installing state of the art assistive technology such as the Closomat wash & dry toilet added a further dimension to promote and achieve that independence, and feelings of dignity and wellbeing, for the people who access Brondeg. The Closomat will be a valuable piece of equipment that will be of benefit to the service for years to come.”


Closomats, manufactured in the UK, are the leading brand of wash/dry toilet, with over 50,000 now installed in domestic and commercial environments across the country- there are even several on a tall ship! The company behind them, Total Hygiene, was founded over 55 years ago, and is Britain’s leading provider of toilet solutions for disabled and elderly people. It is also unique in its ability to offer, in-house, design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance.

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