Client nominates carer for national award


**Don, Marcela’s client was impressed with her caring and innovative approach, so he wrote a letter of thanks to the Caremark management. When he learned of the monthly Caremark national award for care workers across the network, he put Marcela forward.


The job of caring for others is both an occupation and a vocation.  To have the ability to see beyond the necessary tasks and think outside the box is what makes all the difference to those receiving the care and how they experience being supported.


Marcela Tica is one of these special carers.

Marcela works with Chesham based home care provider Caremark (Three Rivers & Chiltern) and provides care and support to her various clients according to their individual needs.


Marcela enjoys her role as a care worker and this shines through in her cheerful disposition.  Having a sunny demeanour rubs off on others and brings lightness and joy into a sometimes dull, and not very interesting day.


Don is one of Marcela’s clients whose mobility is not what it was some months ago and consequently he is not able to get out and about as before.


On a warm sunny day in June, she arrives at Don’s house for his two hour lunch call.  She prepares his meal and then seeing the sunshine outside decides to use an opportunity to make his lunchtime experience even better.


Now Marcela knows that Don used to be a keen gardener but because of his poor mobility has not ventured into his garden for more than a year.  So, thinking on her feet, she phones her supervisor and asks if she can take Don into his garden for lunch, providing he would like to do so. 


Don is asked and readily agrees.  He is thrilled to be able to go outside for a change.  With permission given Marcela finds the ramp and wheelchair for him and prepares a table for him in his garden. 


Whilst he relaxes in the sunshine, eating his lunch, Marcela walked around his garden taking photographs of all his plants and shrubs he can no longer see and then downloads them on to his Tablet for him to view.  


A small gesture perhaps but one which makes a real difference and lightens what would otherwise be just another ordinary day.


Marcela’s high standard of work, reliability, dedication and compassionate care won her the Caremark care worker of the month award for June 2017.


Reflecting on her award she says: “I was happy, happy and proud to win this reward on a national scale and grateful that Don and Sandra Parsons, the Care Manager of Caremark (Chiltern & Three Rivers) decided to nominate me as I know there are other very good carers who could qualify.


“I don’t know which one comes first but what I love at being a carer would be the warm welcome I get when I enter our clients’ homes and the smile on their faces after a job well done.


“I also love that being a carer I have the chance of meeting and learning so many new things about so many different people of different nationalities and different professional backgrounds.”


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