Care Industry News launches the Care Industry Awards today!


Care Industry News launches the Care Industry Awards today!

The Care Industry Awards are monthly awards for care staff throughout the UK celebrating the hard work and dedication delivered by care staff in adult care in care homes and home care.

The Care Industry Awards will represent all areas of the care sector, recognising people delivering care of older people or specialist services in residential or home care. This is a great opportunity for care providers to demonstrate the care they provide and the wonderful staff who work 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Open only to frontline staff such as care workers and care managers who have made an impact in how care is delivered utilising their training or coming up with innovative ideas to improve the lives of the people they care for. There’s no cost to the providers of care.

Entries are now open for the Care Industry Award for August 2017

Do you want to nominate a member of your care team and share the excellent care that your care home or home care provision shares? Then nominate a colleague today.

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This is also an exclusive opportunity for suppliers and services to the care sector to sponsor the awards each month. In order to continue to raise the profile of adult care giving it positive image, we are offering a monthly opportunity to support the sector that supports your business.

Sponsorship is £20 per day for 30 days. Putting your business products or services in front of our 49,000 unique monthly visitors via social media. For very little outlay your business will be aligned with the promotion of the awards and with the monthly winner every day! Every month your logo and link to your website will be shared via Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

Using our organically grown associated data, contacts and recognised brand, we have already successfully raised the profile of the care sector and your business can benefit from the additional advantages these awards will inevitably create.

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