Home care provider Bluebird Care is urging public to appreciate carers in their area


Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells based care company Bluebird Care are urging the public to get involved and lend their support to Carers Week 2017.

Running from 12-18th June 2017, National Carers Week aims to promote awareness of the career challenges carers across the UK face and help promote awareness of the fantastic job that carers do supporting those who need it – those elderly, disabled and in need.

Bluebird Care are an expert care agency enabling those elderly and in need to continue living in their own homes. The agency carries out 20,000 visits every day across the UK, working with and supporting some of the most vulnerable people in British society with quality care that is second-to-none. Bluebird Care believe in the power of keeping people as active and social as possible, and so where possible take their customers and service users on trips out rather than just the standard home visits to which most are accustomed.

One such example is Tonbridge resident Mary Porch, 88. Mary has been a loyal customer of Bluebird Care for 6 years, receiving weekly visits to help her clean around the house, daily visits to help her with her morning routine, and lots of chats on the phone with their Care Coordination Team throughout the week.

Mary spoke of her recent visit to Penshurst Place Team Rooms with her Bluebird Care Coordinator, Louise Farmer, 28, for lunch. She said: “I really enjoyed myself over lunch and feel that I have been spoilt with the privilege of being invited out. It was lovely to go out particularly as I do not get the chance to do so very often”. Bluebird Care Coordinator Louise enjoyed the day too, saying: “I really enjoyed taking Mary out and we had a lovely time chatting about her fascinating history. As I am usually in the office, however speak with our customers all the time, it is always really good to be able to spend time getting to know them in person!”

This is just one happy customer out of tens of thousands, and Bluebird believe more could benefit from social visits and trips.

National Carers Week raises awareness of some of the challenges faced by those who work in care. 3 out of 4 carers in the UK feel their role is not appreciated or understood by their local community, and 3 in 5 of the British public will become a carer at some point in their lives – through choice or necessity. 50% of carers say their profession has made their mental health worse, 55% have struggled financially, and 71% have experienced stress, anxiety or depression because of their job.

Nathan Brown, Community Liaison Manager, said: “There are thousands of dedicated, devoted and loving family, friends and neighbours who provide tremendously valued support every day. Carer Week aims to prevent their work going unnoticed. At Bluebird Care we know the impact both emotional and physical that it can have on carers’ lives. Our incredible and skilled team work with many local families to relieve some of this pressure meaning those caring can continue being heroic family, friends and neighbours without the added stress of needing to be carer also.


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