Greensleeves Care supports the Care Workers Charity


Greensleeves Care, the award-winning care charity, is the latest organisation to join the Care Workers Charity Supporter’s Club, which provides vital support to care workers who experience hardship.

The Care Workers Charity supports the welfare needs of current, former and retired care sector workers.

Paul Newman, Chief Executive of Greensleeves Care, said: “On behalf of Greensleeves Care, I am delighted to support such an important cause. Our colleagues are the frontline and at the heart of Greensleeves Care. It is vital for us to ensure that they have somewhere to turn when they experience financial difficulty beyond their control.”

Alex Ramamurthy, CEO of the Care Workers Charity said:

“Every day across the country, an entire army of care workers look after our society’s most vulnerable individuals, delivering vital public services in challenging conditions, often for little reward.

Care workers spend their careers looking after others, but when circumstances change, sometimes it’s the carers who need some help… and that’s where the CWC steps in. We deliver hardship grants to care workers who find themselves in crisis.

The Supporters Club was established in 2017 to get closer to the staff that we support, and provide the Charity with a sustainable income stream for grant giving.

It’s great to have Greensleeves Care show their commitment to the care community by joining the CWC Supporters Club. We’re very pleased to welcome them on board!”

In the UK, there are nearly 2 million care workers who care for some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Their job is not an easy one and includes early shifts and long hours. When they experience an injury, illness or other unforeseen circumstance, some care workers experience financial difficulty.  This is why it’s so vital that organisations, especially organisations working in the sector, provide a financial support to the Care Workers Charity.

The Care Workers Charity helps care workers like Clare Gibbs who found herself in need of help and support when her daughter Georgie Gibbs was diagnosed with Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy. Ms Gibbs having worked in social care suddenly found that she herself was in need of help and support. The charity was able to raise much needed awareness and funds which now means that Georgie is taking her first steps towards independent walking.

Clare Gibbs said: “My work with the Care Workers Charity has taken place over many years. As a HR manager for Shaw Healthcare, I have directed employees to this charity in their time of need, also personally raising money through various challenges both at home and at work.

“However, I never expected the shoe to be on the other foot, and it be the Care Workers Charity’s time to help us with our daughter’s future challenges. For us as a family, the charities continued help and guidance has been invaluable, their support for us and so many other worthwhile causes has been amazing.”

She added: “No one would have imagined that you would fall on hard times, and need to ask for help, but when you do, to have someone’s hand like The Care Workers Charity, to reach out and tell you that you don’t have to face it alone, is simply unforgettable.”


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