Bury St Edmunds care home found ‘Outstanding’ following CQC inspection


The Care Quality Commission has found the quality of care provided by Risby Hall Nursing Home in Risby, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, to be Outstanding following an inspection in February.


Risby Hall Nursing Home provides accommodation with nursing for up to 34 older people, some of whom have a diagnosis of dementia. At the time of our inspection there were 32 people using the service.


Inspectors found staff were caring and compassionate and people were being provided with safe, responsive, caring, effective and well-led care. A full report of the inspection has been published on CQC’s website: http://www.cqc.org.uk/location/1-121065975 


Under CQC’s programme of inspections, all adult social care services are being given a rating according to whether they are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led. Risby Hall Nursing Home was rated Outstanding for being caring and well-led and Good for being responsive, effective and safe.  


Jemima Burnage, CQC’s Head of Inspection for Adult Social Care in the central region said:


“Our inspection team were really impressed by the level of care and support offered at Risby Hall Nursing Home. 


“Genuine friendships had been created and this was extended to people’s families who were welcome at the service and able to be as involved in the person’s care as much as the person wished them to be. The service had created a box of memories which people had contributed to stating what was important to them and what makes their place of residence a home.


“Engagement with other professionals, family and the community was strong and enhanced the quality of people’s lives. Staff were encouraged to develop deep and meaningful relationships with people they were supporting which helped them deliver person centred and compassionate care.


“Staff showed empathy, warmth and understanding. Inspectors noted positive relationships had been developed between staff and people using the service which enhanced their well-being. There was lots of laughter and tenderness between people.


“All around the service there were constant reminders of what people need to thrive including reference to family, loved ones and memories and photographs from the past and current day. A few people living at the service have dolls which they nurse and change their clothes. The care team sat with these ladies and supported them with their motherly duties in order to make them feel relaxed and happy. They service has an old fashioned pram used by residents who wish to walk their dolls. 


“The service was very well managed with a number of outstanding features. Management set high standards and treated all staff as equals and with respect. There was an established registered manager, deputy manager and a team of nurses who all had many years of experience.


“All of this meant people received a high standard of care, which is why it has been rated Outstanding.”    


Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care, said:


“The quality of care which our inspectors found here was exceptional and I am very pleased that we can celebrate the service’s achievements.     


“An outstanding service is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work and commitment. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved.”


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