Social care manifesto promises fail those needing dementia care


Alzheimer’s Society respond to manifesto pledges for social care

Following the launch of the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative manifestos, Alzheimer’s Society respond to the social care pledges put forward.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive at Alzheimer’s Society, said: “We’ve been crying out for a solution that ends the catastrophic costs of dementia social care. For people spending over half a million pounds on dementia care, nothing parties have yet proposed will help. Families affected by dementia across the UK are selling off personal possessions to raise funds, and cutting down on food and heating bills to plough money into care costs. The social care crisis is a dementia crisis, with two thirds of people with dementia using homecare and 70% in care homes with dementia. It’s vital they are at the heart of the development of a new health and social care system. People with dementia deserve to be supported as much as people with cancer or heart disease.  Politicians must listen to people living with dementia and hear what’s needed to solve this escalating crisis.” 


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