Don’t ignore your right to vote-Information for Mental Health & Learning Disability Care


Manor Community has been working hard to challenge the misconception that people with learning disabilities or mental health needs require a capacity assessment to vote.

Manor Community is a social care provider in Bristol and has been come across instances where people believe that those who lack capacity in other areas of their life, require a capacity assessment in order to vote. The Service Manager at Manor Community Sophie Chester-Glyn, has been promoting the fact that a mental capacity assessment is not necessary and that everyone has a ‘right to vote’. In fact the job for providers is to help enable people to vote.

Manor Community has come up with some interesting ideas such as ‘election information forums’. The Forums will involve people and their support network in discussing their right to vote, the barriers to voting and how best to overcome those barriers. They will also be providing basic information and signposting on voting choices and are developing an election bingo! Staff at Manor Community are eagerly awaiting the publication of the Parties manifestos and are planning to create a short and simple pictorial information pack, which will hopefully be more accessible to the individuals they support. Manor Community is hoping to share this with other people who may find it useful.

Don’t forget that registering to vote ends on 22nd May. You can register here


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