Care leaders react to MP’s report calling for more money to follow patients to pay for community support


Learning Disability Voices, a coalition of charities, not for profit and independent providers of learning disability care has responded to the Public Accounts Committee’s report into local support for people with a learning disability.


Tim Cooper, Co-Chair of Learning Disability Voices and Chief Executive of United Response said:


“The report is a welcome step in the right direction. Clearly, progress has been made in transforming care, but more can and must be done.


As providers, we welcome the Committee’s report this morning. However, we are disappointed that the sleep-ins issue has not been addressed. HMRC’s decision to undertake enforcement activity, investigating providers’ back payments over six years, poses the single biggest threat to transforming care and the sustainability of the sector as a whole. The Government must halt HMRC’s enforcement activity with immediate effect or else face depriving the most vulnerable in society the care that they desperately depend upon.


After the election, a more concerted effort in better aligning wider departmental policy in line with the Transforming Care programme’s ultimate goal is needed”.


Andrew Cannon, Co-Chair of Learning Disability Voices and Chief Executive of Voyage Care said:


“We are pleased that so much of what the Committee has recommended aligns with our own concerns. Namely; the need for more money to follow individuals into the community, ensuring the proposed changes to local housing allowance don’t adversely affect those with a learning disability, and the recommendation that the NHS reports to the Committee in six months on its refreshed care and treatment policy.


However, we are deeply disappointed at the omission of sleep-in shifts and the extent to which the Transforming Care programme depends on them.


Moving forward, the challenge will be to ensure the new Government continues to treat the Committee’s conclusions with the seriousness that they deserve. We will continue to campaign to ensure the recommendations become a reality, and a solution to the sleep-ins issue is agreed upon.”


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