Barnsley carer shows dedication and commitment to her job role


When new care and support worker Kerrie Guest turned up at her client’s house to carry out her usual call, she was presented with a frightening situation.

Kerrie’s client was in trouble – sweating and struggling to breathe.  Many would have panicked at this point, but Kerrie fell back on her training and took control of the situation.  She immediately phoned for the paramedics but then the unthinkable happened.  During the course of the telephone call, her client fell unconscious.

Kerrie knew she had to act quickly and so still on the line to the paramedics, she managed to move her client on to the floor and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 

Her thorough training and calm, professional manner ultimately saved her client’s life.

This was the first time Kerrie had had to carry out CPR but she successfully got her client breathing again.

Caremark (Barnsley)’s Assistant Care Manager, Maxine Fairhurst said: “We are very proud to have Kerrie on our team.  She has shown great commitment and dedication to the role and proved what a great carer she is.”

Kerrie was presented with a bouquet of flowers as a token of their appreciation for her swift and professional action which ensured a happy outcome.

The Barnsley home care provider deliver bespoke care and support services to vulnerable individuals in the Barnsley area, enabling them to continue living safely and independently in their own homes.


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