Lincolnshire care home celebrates excellence in care


Staff from The Red House Nursing & Care home in Stamford held an ‘Excellence in Care’ tea party this week, attended by Country Court Care Chairman Abdul Kachra, staff and relatives. Staff are celebrating 365 Days of ‘Harm Free’ care; this week they will have gone a full year without residents at the care home developing any new pressure sores.

“This is a fantastic achievement” said Mr Kachra as he thanked staff for all their hard work. “Since taking over this home Country Court Care have invested in refurbishing The Red House and it’s now a beautiful home. However, it’s our staff and your hard work and dedication to our residents that enable us to deliver the excellent standards of care that we expect. ”

The ‘Harm Free Care’ pilot project is being rolled out to 70 nursing and residential care homes across Lincolnshire by Lincolnshire County Council. Focusing on three areas; pressure ulcers, falls and urinary catheter infections, the project aims to assess the pathway for interventions and use the information gathered to inform resident’s care plans. Lincolnshire Community Health Services are extremely pleased with the results at The Red House Nursing & Care Home in Stamford and will be using it as an example of best practice.

The ‘harm free’ care initiative is being championed by health care professionals from Lincolnshire community health services ”. Explained Manju Panankavil, manager of The Red House Nursing & Care Home. “The initiative has given us the tools to enable everyone involved with the care of a resident to get involved and understand how to reduce harm.”

Carers and other staff at the home, as well as visiting relatives, can make use of easy to use tools to record things like fluid and food intake. A key aim of the project is to enable everyone at the home to become involved in the care of residents. Simple charts are used to record incidents of falls, pressure ulcers and infections and the results are fed back to Lincolnshire County Council on a monthly basis. The final report will highlight best practice and there will be an awards event at the end of the project to recognize care homes with the best results.


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