Lift hygiene and independence to new levels


New levels of independence and cleanliness can be achieved with assistive technology developments in the bathroom.


Clos-o-Mat’s new-look Lima Lifter is unique, being the only wash & dry toilet that is also fully, automatically, height adjustable, every use.


So, whatever the user’s limitations in flexibility, consistent or fluctuating, or how many other people use it, the toilet can be set to individual height preference.


Looking like- and capable of being used as a conventional WC- Clos-o-Mat’s Lima Lifter can be lowered and raised, simply by activating the controls in the support arm on either side of the unit. Controls can be specified in either left or right support arm, depending on the main user’s preference.


Using the feature, the toilet can be adjusted so the seat is as low as 420mm from the floor, or raised as high as 720mm. It can be lowered and raised every time it is used, or stay set at the user’s optimum, or preferred, height. It can be lowered or raised to assist transfer, and adjusted to the optimum height for user comfort and stability during use.


The support arms themselves are hinged, so can be folded up out of the way, or remain in position, to assist transfer as required, and set at 90degrees to the wall to enhance user’s feeling of stability during use.


“Many clients, if they are ambulant, have issues with bending their knees. If in a wheelchair, the wheelchair itself can vary in height. We know from 55 years’ experience helping people remain independent, that, often, physically getting on and off the toilet is as much of an issue for users as wiping themselves afterwards,” says Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “Other wash & dry toilets can be set, when installed, at a preferred height for the user, but only the Lima Lifter can be lowered, raised as often as required, by the user, once installed.”


The Lima Lifter compliments Clos-o-Mat’s brand-leading, floor-mounted Palma Vita wash & dry toilet, the Lima Vita wall-hung unit, and the company’s range of assistive technology to optimise hygiene, independence and dignity in intimate care.


Family-owned, Clos-o-Mat is the longest-established provider of wash & dry toilets in the UK, and the only one that manufactures in Britain. It is also unique in its provision, in-house, of design advice, supply, installation, commissioning and after-sales service & maintenance. Details of the Clos-o-Mat’s assistive toilet care offerings, including ‘how it works’ videos etc, plus further case studies from real-life users, can be found on Clos-o-Mat’s website


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