Gloucestershire homecare staff receive specialist support training


A second group of staff at Gloucestershire homecare provider DoCare have undergone training to support clients with Parkinson’s Disease.


As the latest cohort of 11 trainees at Stroud-based DoCare await the results of their end of course exams, April 10-16 marks Parkinson’s Awareness Week, with World Parkinson’s Day on April 11.


Kate Townsend, DoCare Field Manager, delivers the courses, having first undergone training herself with Parkinson’s UK.

She said the training has proved invaluable in improving the support DoCare staff provide clients who have the condition.


“The Parkinson’s UK course is absolutely excellent,” said Kate. “Parkinson’s UK have provided all the workbooks we needed to run it, and we do so over six two-hour sessions. It is a real eye-opener about the disease, and how it affects people.”


Kate said that the condition means people’s capabilities vary on an almost hourly basis. “What someone can do at midday, for example, they can’t do an hour later, so this course has really helped our support workers to understand the disease and how it affects our clients’ lives.”


DoCare ran its first course for support workers last autumn, and all nine passed with flying colours, with three of the team gaining distinctions.


The course that has just been completed is the company’s second, and a third will take place at the end of April.

Kate added: “Ultimately, we hope all our support workers will go through the training. It is part of our commitment to providing highly skilled staff who deliver a quality service to our clients.”


Parkinson’s Disease was first recognised as a medical condition 200 years ago, and it is 50 years since the last significant drug discovery was made. The aim of the awareness week is to raise the profile of the condition and support funding into research. For more information visit


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