Freda has Easter all sewn up with ‘Eggcellent’ idea


An 89 year old grandmother has been busy knitting Easter themed egg cosies in order to raise money for the residents fund at her care home.

Freda Walter, who has been a resident of the Derby-based Milford House for nine years, has knitted a mix of around 30 Easter chicks and egg cosy bobble hats, raising a total of £85 so far, with more to be made.

Demand for the cosies has grown so much that Freda has even enrolled the assistance of Nicki Beeston, a staff member at the home, to help make pom poms for the creations.

Freda said: “I have been knitting them every Easter for several years now and we always sell quite a few.

“I can only knit in bed lying down, so that’s why I have to use the shorter needles. I’m not very good at making the pom poms though, so that’s when I asked Nicki to help.”

Nicki Beeston, who works at the care home, said: “She asked me if I could help making the pom poms, and I am always happy to do anything to help the residents.

“I’m even making a handbag which is made of pom poms to sell, with the money from that also being donated to the residents fund.” The knitted egg cosies are being sold for £2.50 each, or four for £10, and come with a crème egg inside.

Freda added: “I have made these every Easter for the last several years and I even get orders for them from the residents and their families. I like to make them for the summer fare as they’re always popular.”

All money raised is donated to the residents fund, which enables the home to purchase a variety of activities for the residents including monthly entertainers, trips and meals out.


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