Delivered Health Solutions exclusive UK distributor of Aeroguard 4S & Aeroguard Mini


Delivered Health Solutions (DHS) a specialist distributor to the care home and healthcare market have signed an exclusive agreement with a leading global brand to be the official partner and distributor of a revolutionary clean air concept,  Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini.

Aeroguard eradicates odours and removes airborne bacteria & viruses in care homes. Ideal for infection control


The Aeroguard products promise to remove harmful substances from indoor air pollution, including rough particles like hair and fabrics, small particles including fine dust, pollen and spores as well as airborne viruses and bacteria, to prevent allergies and other airborne diseases from developing. It also has the ability to eliminate unpleasant odours and unwanted smells like urine, faeces, smoke and damp.

The Aeroguard Mini is the world’s most compact high performance air purifier with multi- stage filtration system. It is compact and light, user friendly and energy saving. It has the highest HEPA filtration and NANOPURE anti-virus technology to efficiently removes dust, pollens, virus, bacteria and odours from the indoor air and comes highly recommended by the Swiss Allergy Association and has been awarded the Swiss Allergy Label.

The Aeroguard 4S, the larger of the two products has a 6-stage filtration system, with intelligent self monitoring sensors to monitor air quality and react accordingly. Similarly to the Aeroguard Mini, the Aeroguard also has the highest HEPA filtration and NANOPURE Plus UVA filters to reduce viruses and bacteria contamination, ioniser to improve odour and air quality and also comes tested and approved by the Swiss Asthma & Allergy Foundation.

The air purification system and multiple stage filtration system has undergone rigorous trials and testing within major European cities, the results saw the quality of the indoor air greatly improved leading to a positive outcome both on staff and resident wellness.

Delivered Health Solutions will be focusing on the care home sector, education and childcare establishments, as well as leisure and hospitality where odour management and improved air quality is key.

Barbara Meeks, Founder & Managing Director, Delivered Health Solutions


Barbara Meeks, Founder & Managing Director, Delivered Health Solutions, said, “We are thrilled to be the exclusive partner to launch Aeroguard 4S and Aeroguard Mini in the UK, we believe this is the right technology to dramatically improve air quality and help improve long-term odour elimination at the same time, and we want to encourage people to take action in minimising their risk and lessen indoor air quality problems effectively.

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