Weston-super-Mare care home staff delighted with ‘Good’ CQC rating


Managers and staff at Summer Lane Nursing & Care Home in Weston-super-Mare were delighted with their recent overall ‘Good’ rating following a recent inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The report highlighted the staff at the home as being kind and caring, quoting residents as saying “They are all caring, they all look after you”. Also “[Deputy Manager] treats us like an extended family. She always sits and has a chat. The whole atmosphere of the floor is calm”.


We are very pleased with the report findings”, said Alykhan Kachra, Managing Director of Country Court Care. “The staff team here at Summer Lane Nursing & Care Home go the extra mile everyday to deliver excellent care for our residents, this is reflected in the positive comments in the report”.


During the inspection the CQC inspectors spoke to fifteen residents and nine family members, as well as members of staff and health care professionals visiting residents the home. People who used the service and relatives were complimentary about the staff. The report quoted a relative who said, “The last five to six years their care has been phenomenal. They give my mum fantastic care. They are so hardworking and committed. They don’t do it for any other reason, they just care. They are the best carers I have ever come across”.


 The report highlighted the quality of the food and noted that the chef was able to accommodate specific requests and dietary requirements, giving residents plenty of choice for their meals. “The food is excellent. Good in quantity and quality” also “Very nice, you can’t fault it at all”. Relatives also gave positive feedback on the staff support offered at meal times. One relative said, “They are very attentive and give extra time to support [relative name] to eat.”


The report noted that the environment at the home had been adapted to meet the needs of people living with dementia. The tea room on Waverly was has drinks and snacks available to people throughout the day. Also seating areas have been created strategically around the home with pictures, items of interest such as wool, magazines and books available, providing people with a familiar and stimulating environment.


The nursing and care home was shown to be well led with key aims of the service clearly communicated to  staff who shared the aims of the service which include, ‘To provide a secure, stable and comfortable environment where individuality of care, support and dignity is paramount.’

The full report is available online:



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