Three Hanover estates awarded top five standing by The Cinnamon Trust


Three retirement housing estates owned and managed by Hanover Housing Association have won a national awards for being one of the most pet friendly housing estates in the UK.


Bishops Court, Teignmouth in Devon, Dornden Gardens, Chatham in Kent and Rope Walk in Bradford –upon-Avon were joined by estates from Wales & West Housing and  Housing picked up the accolade from The Cinnamon Trust, who assess locations based on how residents care for their pets and the provisions the estate has in place to facilitate responsible pet ownership. The trust also works with elderly people to help preserve their relationship with their pets, often working with owners to help care for the animal and overcome any difficulties that may arise.



Hanover’s pet friendly approach means that residents without pets can enjoy the positive health and wellbeing benefits that pet interaction can bring, as many residents who like animals often enjoy engaging in conversations and sharing memories about their previous pet ownership.


Every year the Cinnamon Trust carries out a thorough assessment of its national register of pet friendly housing providers. Each estate is rated using a star ratings system and is judged according to living environment, space standard, local pet policy and commitment to maintaining a pet friendly living environment. The housing estates which receive a five star rating are then reassessed with more stringent criteria before being shortlisted for the award.


Rona Nicholson, Deputy Chief Executive Hanover, said: “This is a fantastic achievement. This is testament to our commitment as a pet friendly housing provider and demonstrates the benefits pet ownership can bring to help reduce isolation and create a living environment with a community feel.”



Mrs Averil Jarvis MBE, Chief Executive and founder of The Cinnamon Trust said: “Having to leave your home when circumstances dictate due to frailty and/or disability is a traumatic enough experience, but having to also leave your pet, often your reason for living, is unthinkable. I am particularly delighted, therefore, that all our efforts over thirty years to promote, encourage and raise the standards and understanding required to create a truly pet-friendly environment have helped to result in these outstanding estates in which I hope all other providers will aspire to. Hanover Housing is to be especially congratulated for its determination to create really happy, pet-friendly establishments.”


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