Well Careplus proven to improve quality and efficiency of residential care


Researchers at Cardiff University have found that Well Careplus’, Well Pad, reduces administrative tasks in care homes by up to 65 hours each month.

The technology allows staff to spend more time on face-to-face resident care, which would ordinarily cost care homes an extra £1,400 per month.

Results of the study of 66 care homes using the medicine management tool showed that staff previously devoted up to 300 hours each month on paperwork and associated administrative tasks. Use of the Well Pad reduced this time dramatically, by up to 60%.

The Well Pad remains the only technology driven medicines management system capable of delivering time efficiency savings of up to:

·         30% for daily medicine administration

·         70% reduction in prescription ordering

·         70% reduction in booking in process

·         70% reduction in overall end of month process

Shiraz Khan, Head of Well Careplus, said: “From speaking to care home managers, we know that the traditional paper-based processes used to manage medicines in the vast majority of care homes, are outdated and arduous. Our technology is proving to dramatically reduce the amount of time being spent on medicine management”

For more information, please visit www.well.co.uk/WellCareplus, call 03302 23 24 25 or email careplus@well.co.uk.



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