Teignmouth specialist care home celebrates ‘outstanding’ result


Staff and residents are celebrating after Riverview, a specialist care home in Teignmouth, Devon for adults with complex needs including autism, behaviours that challenge, acquired brain injury and learning disabilities, was rated “outstanding” by the Care Quality Commission.

The service was rated “outstanding” for being ‘caring’, and ‘responsive’, and ‘good’ for being ‘safe’, ‘effective’ and ‘well-led’, within the overall ‘outstanding’ rating, placing it in the top 1% of care homes in England.

Riverview is managed by Craegmoor, part of the Priory Group, the mental healthcare specialists most famous for treating celebrities with addictions.

The service provides specialist, 24/7 support, focusing on proactive approaches to managing complex needs.

According to the CQC’s State of Care report published last year, 71% of the adult social care services in England were rated good, and just 1% outstanding.

Last year, another Craegmoor care home, Wolverton Court, for adults with autism and learning disabilities, was rated ‘outstanding’ by the CQC.

In its latest report, the CQC praised Riverview for being “outstanding in the way they cared for people”, “providing a strong person-centred culture”, “celebrating people’s achievements” and having outstanding leadership and management.

It went on: “Relatives and other agencies were, without exception, extremely positive about the service and the care people received. Relatives told us how people had moved from services where they had not been able to go out and had needed medicines to keep them calm and safe. We were told that since moving to Riverview, people’s lives had changed, and due to the care and the skills of the staff team, people had progressed, experienced new opportunities and had more independence.

“Comments from relatives included, ‘They used to be in a sparse room, now they have personal belongings, they never went out, now they go into town to the local coffee shop and people know them’, and ‘The change has been dramatic, [….] eyes used to look sad, now they are smiling and bright, it is wonderful’.

“Other agencies were very positive about the staff team and leadership of the service. We were told that staff embraced ideas and worked hard to ensure people were able to do the things they wanted. The overall view of other agencies we spoke with was that despite the complex needs of people they supported, the service had managed to deliver excellent quality personalised care within a residential setting.

“There was an extremely positive culture within the service. The management team provided strong leadership and led by example.”

Riverview delivered care and support with the utmost kindness and compassion to residents, encouraging them to lead individual lives and experience as many new situations as possible, the CQC said.

“We saw how personalised care and a positive approach to managing behaviour had resulted in people having increased opportunities and enhanced well-being.”

Riverview offers residents the chance to acquire skills by getting involved with daily tasks and activities, including cooking, swimming, and going shopping to enable them to live as independently as possible while being an active part of their local community.

The CQC said: “The registered manager took an active role within the home, demonstrated a passion for the service and modelled high standards of care, through a hands-on approach and attention to detail.

“All of the staff said they felt valued and supported by their colleagues and management team. Other agencies were very positive about the leadership of the service and said the staff team listened and embraced ideas.”

Patrick van Rensburg, Registered Manager of Riverview, said: “We are thrilled with the outcome of our latest CQC inspection as we have all worked incredibly hard to ensure our residents are able to lead a safe and independent lifestyle. We put everything into making sure they receive the highest standard of care, and we support the residents to lead a full and active lifestyle, encouraging them to experience as many new opportunities as they can. Everyone who has been involved in creating the inspiring environment we promote in our home should feel very proud to have been recognised as ‘outstanding’ by the CQC during this inspection”

Sarah Hughes, CEO of Craegmoor, added “Craegmoor is extremely proud that Riverview has been rated ‘outstanding’ overall for their CQC inspection. It is fantastic that the CQC holds the service in such a high regard.”


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