Coventry resident celebrates 104th birthday at Herald Lodge


Herald Lodge, which is operated by Ideal Carehomes, celebrated a milestone birthday for a special lady hosting an afternoon tea party in her honour.  Mabel Williamson, who is one of Coventry’s oldest residents, turned 104 on 6th February and enjoyed celebrating with her family and friends at the home.  Mabel had a whole day of celebrations, with an entertainer singing her favourite tunes and even participating in some chair dancing after staff decorated the home with balloons and banners in her honour. 

Herald Lodge is located in Coventry and offers residential and dementia care to 42 local older people.  Home Manager, Rachel Hallinan, said “Everyone here at Herald Lodge had a great time celebrating Mabel’s 104th birthday.  There is always something going on at the home but all the residents love a birthday party!  Mabel is a real character and is really popular here with both staff and other residents.  She had a great time and enjoyed spending time with her friends and family.”

Mabel was born in Atherstone in 1913 – the last ‘golden year’ before the horrors of the First World War.  She was the youngest of three children and her family managed a local sweet shop.  At the start of the Second World War, Mabel moved to work at the Coventry Gauge and Small Tool factory which is where she met her husband, Bert.  They married in August 1946, shortly after the end of the Second World War, and moved to their first house in Dunchurch Highway, where they spent their married life.  Bert and Mabel had one daughter, Susan, in December 1949. 

Once Susan was at secondary school, Mabel took a part time position at Suttons Bakery which she thoroughly enjoyed.  Mabel is very creative and a dab hand at dress making and knitting, even having the pleasure of making her daughter’s wedding dress, and it was Mabel’s secret recipe which helped Herald Lodge win the Ideal Carehomes’ Mince Pie Bake Off at Christmas.  Mabel, who has never been abroad, attributes her long life to being healthy and happy, she said “I have always looked after myself, never really been a drinker or a smoker.  It’s about being good to yourself and being happy!”

Through a varied programme of activities, highly nutritious food and inspirational spaces, Herald Lodge provides residents with person-centred care, creating aspirational lifestyle choices.  The staff at Herald Lodge like to keep residents busy with the many activities arranged on a daily basis, and they are already looking forward to making arrangements for Mabel’s 105th birthday!


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