South Gloucestershire older people supported to stay at home longer


Thanks to homecare provider Bluebird Care provider, older people who need around-the-clock care no longer need to leave the comfort of their own homes. Bluebird Care in South Gloucestershire has introduced a new live-in care service, where staff live with customers in their own homes, for anything from two weeks to ongoing long-term care and support.

Sophie Whitfield, Managing Director of Bluebird Care, has many years’ experience of managing high quality home care. She said:

“Leaving the home you love, where you may have lived for many years, can be an upsetting and daunting experience. New routines, different environments and unfamiliar faces can all add stress at a time when all you want is comfort and reassurance.

We recognise the everyday pressures families face as they come to terms with the care needs of a loved one, which is why we’ve launched this attractive solution, where people have the option of remaining in their own home with the support of a live-in care worker.”

Elaine Rivers has already experienced the benefits that that a Live-In Care service provided by Bluebird Care can provide. She said:

“My brother is 85 years old and has suffered from dementia for about three years. Initially he was visited twice a day by carers from another company, but this proved unsatisfactory as faces were always changing and communication and continuity were difficult.

When he started to wander at night time we had to look for a better solution, and contacted Bluebird Care. My brother has had a live-in carer now for a while and we have been delighted with the care he has received. This arrangement has allowed him to stay in his own home and be well looked after, giving both the family and himself, peace of mind.”

Especially for the new Live-In Care alternative, Bluebird Care has employed an additional team of dedicated staff, who’ll manage every aspect of the service.

Laura Jones, who works as a Bluebird Care Live-in-Carer said:

“I love my work and take my responsibilities very seriously. I assess my customer’s needs daily and these may change from day to day. Thankfully with live-in care, I am able to adapt to these changes so that their needs are met. We have no time tables to stick to!

I find this a rewarding career as I know my customer is aware of the difference I make to her daily life and wellbeing. She feels secure having me live in her home with her. I feel that I have grown personally during my time as a live-in-carer.”


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