Significant investment in Nottingham specialist care hospital


The Danshell Group has made a significant investment in Cedar Vale independent hospital in Nottingham.


The hospital in East Bridgford provides care and treatment for men living with autism, a learning disability and associated challenging behaviours.


Promoting an individual’s independence is very important at Cedar Vale.  The aim of the refurbishment and reconfiguration is to further enable the service team to support service users to develop independent living skills by creating three separate care pathways within the hospital.


The hospital has been re-developed into a five bed, six bed and a three bed bespoke service, each aimed at giving individuals an environment that will support them for moving on to more independent living. People will be able to build on their self-care and daily living skills at the new skills kitchens, where they can plan and cook meals for themselves and their visitors.


New lounge and dining areas have been created to provide a personalised dining experience and more opportunities for service users to socialise.  Service users are also now also benefitting from an upgraded and expanded sensory area.


The management team developed a site plan for each phase of the work to ensure that the impact of the work on service users was as minimal as possible. 


Carole Guy who is the new hospital manager at Cedar Vale said:   “Everything we do is aimed at enabling individuals to lead as independent and fulfilling lives as possible and a great deal of thought and planning has gone into the reconfiguration at Cedar Vale.


“We all worked hard to ensure the fantastic refurbishment went smoothly and we are delighted to share the new look of Cedar Vale with service users, their families, staff and commissioners.”


Mel Ramsey, chief executive of Danshell, said:  “Continually investing in our services is important to ensure that our service users receive the best possible support.


“As an organisation, we recognised that Cedar Vale needed refurbishment and re-development and took the opportunity to develop the service into three smaller pathways, enabling the people who use the service to develop their independent living skills. I have been to see the refurbished service and I am confident that we have created something very special for the people who use the service.”


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