Dealing with obesity in daily life


A new report* has highlighted that now, 60% of British adults are overweight or obese, and one in ten obese adults are morbidly obese.


To help overweight people deal with daily life, Clos-o-Mat has developed a range of bariatric solutions to help them at least go to the toilet with dignity and optimum hygiene.


Now, stronger and bigger toilet seats and benches, toilet lifts and hoists can be used singly or in any combination with a Palma Vita wash and dry toilet to meet personal hygiene needs- and are proven in tests to withstand up to 362kg/57st.


“The healthcare industry tends to focus on helping people lose weight, and can forget that size has a huge impact on one’s ability to do basic things, like manoeuvre onto the toilet, to sit on it properly for efficient bladder and/or bowel evacuation, reach to clean oneself afterwards.


“We go to the loo at least eight times a day on average, so it’s actually something that needs much more consideration,” observes Robin Tuffley, Clos-o-Mat marketing manager. “We are the only company that gives overweight people and their health professionals, in one place, a comprehensive solution to their toilet needs. And to help them make an informed choice, we have produced a white paper detailing the considerations in the ‘smallest room’.”


The white paper, Guidance & Considerations in Toileting Provision for Bariatrics, is available for free download. Just click

Full details of the Clos-o-mat range of bariatric equipment is also covered on the website

Clos-o-Mat is Britain’s biggest provider of toileting solutions for disabled people, all designed to give everyone optimum independence, dignity and control over their personal hygiene. Founded 55 years ago, the British-based manufacturer is still family-owned, and the expert in domestic and away from home toileting.


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