Brexit means Brexit but what does that mean to the care sector?


Following concerns that a loss of EU workers as a result of Brexit could lead to the UK care system collapsing, Nick Sanderson, CEO at Audley Retirement Villages comments.

Nick Sanderson, CEO, Audley Retirement Villages commented:

“In an economy that has become increasingly dependent on an EU migrant workforce, the care sector is no exception. With an ageing population, the UK’s care needs are only going to rise and in a sector that has at times struggled to recruit for the growing need, workers from the EU have provided much needed, and frankly critical, relief.


Should they be forced to leave in a ‘hard Brexit’ scenario, it is hard to underestimate the negative impact it would have, at a time when we need more, not fewer, care workers. Policy that reduces the capability of the UK to serve its growing elderly population feels like an unintended consequence at best, and a slap in the face for those affected at worst.”

Do you agree?


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