UKHCA welcomes analysis report on adult social care


social care costs-care industry newsUKHCA welcomes today’s report from the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO) analysing complaints which it received from people who use social care services in 2015-16.

LGO’s report contains an encouraging picture that more people are willing to speak out when things go wrong, when their services are commissioned poorly, or delivered inappropriately.

UKHCA’s Policy Director, Colin Angel, said:

“Councils which arrange services on behalf of their local people, and the social care providers which deliver care, must take a consistent approach to get things right first time.  When this doesn’t happen, providers and commissioners must act quickly to understand and act on people’s concerns.

“As a professional association, UKHCA encourages social care providers to ensure that the people they support know that their complaints will be dealt with properly at a local level, rather than needing to seek redress through regulators or ombudsmen.”

UKHCA is encouraged that LGO has added its voice to the calls that homecare providers must be appropriately resourced in order to deliver effective care.  The Ombudsman also provides a timely reminder that, despite extreme financial pressures, councils have a legal obligation to conduct assessments capable of delivering person-centred plans when they commission people’s care.


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