NHS Trust introduces O.T into Paramedic Team to give better care to people in the community who have fallen


falls_response_serviceEast Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has recently introduced Occupational Therapist Rachel Bedwell into the Paramedic Team to give better care to people in the community who have fallen.


The newly formed partnership with North West Ambulance Service is able to respond to falls in a Paramedic’s car, often arriving at the scene quicker than an ambulance would. Once at the scene, following the Paramedic’s medical assessment, Rachel performs a fall assessment which looks at how the person is managing in their home and identifies equipment or services the patient needs if they are to remain at home or whether they need to be admitted to hospital.


When speaking to Rachel about the service she said: “The impact we can have in one visit to these patients is amazing – basically we can help people to remain at home safely. A lot of our patients really value their independence so being able to avoid an unnecessary admission to hospital is great for them. 


“By working in tandem with a Paramedic I am able get to these patients quickly, provide support and keep them out of hospital, which is a benefit to everyone involved.”


The service was introduced as a pilot in January 2015 to help reduce the number of hospital admissions in people who have fallen at home. Since then the service has gone from strength to strength, winning an award at the Occupational Therapy Show in October 2015. The service is currently running over 5 days however it is hoped that this may extend to 7 days in the future. 


There are only 3 other organisations, nationally, that run the same service.


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