Home Instead benefits from new communications infrastructure

Excalibur has created a new communications infrastructure for Home Instead Senior Care.
Excalibur has created a new communications infrastructure for Home Instead Senior Care.

Excalibur has created a new communications infrastructure for the Home Instead Senior Care Swindon & Vale of the White Horse, a growing provider of high quality, reliable, relationship-based services that allow older people to remain living independently in their own homes with assistance from their team of CAREGivers.

Part of a UK-wide leading home care franchise that has seen significant growth since its start up three years ago, Home Instead needed a company they could trust to deal with their communications (for 65 staff) and prepare them for the growth, as owner and Managing Director, John Kirk, explains:

“I knew we needed a plan for our communications, but I just didn’t know what that looked like or indeed what kind of technology was available to an ambitious business of our size”.

Just 9 months into their start up year, call quality had started to suffer at Home Instead, with practical issues needing to be addressed such as physically having to pass the ‘on call’ mobile around staff. A struggling VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) base station was a sure sign that a unified solution was needed to bring all their communications together.

John Kirk added:  “Excalibur looked at our business as a whole, working out what we needed to achieve, putting in the right building blocks to get there.  We can now scale up as we grow, adding new users, upgrade services, manage our call system and expand into our communications infrastructure. Before, we didn’t have that ability, but now we do.”

Excalibur started with addressing the call quality and connectivity issues, so a combination of Vodafone One Net and Microsoft 365 were implemented along with new mobile devices and contracts.

‘Through to the Right Person’

Vodafone One Net brings together business landline and mobile calls by providing a virtual landline number that goes straight through to the right person, be it via mobile or desk phone. There are no call divert charges and Home Instead were able to deploy its unique elements such as virtual assistant, hunt groups and call routing via their own management platform.

One Net is hosted in the cloud and powered by Vodafone’s own robust network so call quality doesn’t suffer. Home Instead employees can be situated anywhere and never miss a call.  They also have the ability to add in new lines as and when required.

At the same time, Excalibur suggested that Home Instead should add in Microsoft Office 365 from Vodafone. This provided a collaborative umbrella and a great base for their future growth plans. Both One Net and Microsoft 365 are scalable so Home Instead were able to start on a predictable monthly cost per user and a package to suit their immediate requirements, with scope to move up another level as and when they need to.

With Microsoft 365, familiar Office collaboration and productivity tools are delivered through the cloud, with secure shared access to email, contacts, documents and calendars. Meetings can easily be scheduled, contacts saved and email is instantaneous. All of this works on any device staff choose to use.

To bolster the already resilient security that comes as standard with any Microsoft solution, Excalibur also implemented an anti-virus and spam filtering package to minimise any threat to sensitive company data.

Now a Cloud-based business

The unified communications solution provided by Excalibur means that Home Instead is now a cloud based business and incredibly resilient with robust security. No longer dependent on physical location, staff can work from anywhere at any time.


Calls into the business are never missed and all employees are now much more tech savvy, encouraged to use storage and syncing as part of their day to day roles. Call quality has vastly improved now the means are in place to allow data and voice to run alongside each other.


The on call phone is now ‘virtual’ and is managed via an online portal so no longer has to be physically moved or collected. It can be any device they choose to use from their mobile fleet.


As Home Instead cover various telephone area codes, with One Net they have the option to add as many numbers as they like. This gives their customers the confidence that they are calling a local business.


Admin is minimised with the advantage of having just one bill and one contract for calls and data, allowing staff to get on with more important tasks. For a rapidly growing business Home Instead now has a distinct advantage in being able to deal with each customer proactively and never missing a contact when it comes in.


Home Instead’s John Kirk concluded:  “We recently had a situation where our electricity provider took the power down to our offices so we just moved location, took the phones and pulled our data down from the cloud. We can access anything we need from anywhere and stay in touch with our customers. It’s very much helped business continuity, which is especially important given the sensitive nature of what we do.”

Come and have a look  www.ex-c.co.uk  01793 43 88 88



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