House of Lords to debate State of Care as Carers UK calls for urgent investment in care


stephen-dorrell-care-industry-newsThe Care Quality Commission has today published its annual assessment of the quality of health and adult social care in England in its State of Care report.

In response, Heléna Herklots, Chief Executive of Carers UK, said:

“The Care Quality Commission’s latest report shines a light on the perilous state of England’s social care market and makes a powerful case for urgent investment in social care in the Government’s Autumn Statement.

Our evidence from carers reveals a system under extreme pressure – long waits for carer’s assessments under the Care Act; many turning to A&E because they can’t get access to social care; avoidable readmissions after a poorly planned hospital discharge where the family felt unsupported; and cuts to services for families over the last few years.  

“Good quality care enables families to take much needed time away from caring, stay in work and take care of their own health, knowing that their loved ones are being cared for well. The skilled support of health and care workers can transform the lives of carers and their families. But carers too often feel like they’re battling their way through a complex system and need the health and care system to work for them in a joined-up way.

With only 1% of adult social care services achieving a rating of outstanding, showing they can demonstrate the kind of joined up approach that all families need, consistent high quality

The House of Lords Committee on the Long-Term Sustainability of the NHS will next week take evidence from witnesses including Stephen Dorrell, Chair of the NHS Confederation and Sir Andrew Dilnot who chaired the influential Dilnot Commission on funding social care.

The Committee is continuing its inquiry into the long-term sustainability of the NHS with two evidence sessions exploring current funding issues and the potential to combine health and social care budgets. You can watch the session live on the internet at at 10.05 on Tuesday 18th October.

The evidence sessions will start at 10:05am on Tuesday 18 October in Committee Room 1 of the House of Lords. The full witness details are:

10:05am –

· Mr Chris Hopson, Chief Executive, NHS Providers

· Ms Margaret Willcox, Vice-President, Adass

· Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell, Chair, NHS Confederation

11:00am –

· Dame Kate Barker, Chair, Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England

· Sir Andrew Dilnot

· Professor Julian Forder, Associate Research Fellow, Personal Social Services Research Unit, London School of Economics

In the first session the Committee will explore Mr Hopson’s and Mr Dorrell’s recent criticism of the Government’s approach to NHS funding. They will also ask what solutions the witnesses would propose to tackle funding shortages in both health and social care services

The second session will focus on the potential for greater integration between health and social care services including the possibility of combined budgets and savings that could be achieved. The Committee will also explore how the NHS and social care services should be supported to meet the likely increase in demand for social care due to demographic changes.



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