Go to the bathroom to alleviate care provision pressure says Clos-o-Mat


clos-o-mat-care-industry-newsAdapting the bathroom to be more accessible could alleviate need for home care provision for over 1/4million people in England alone.


According to a new Age UK report- Later Life in the UK- over 370,000 people aged 65+ in England receive community-based care & support.; 68% of people receiving care & support services said it helped them most in personal care.


If they only need help getting around the bathroom, on and off the toilet, imagine what a difference provision of assistive technology would make to pressure on homecare budgets,” observes Robin Tuffley, marketing manager for Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading provider of accessible bathrooms solutions at home and away. “To put it in perspective, even something as advanced as a toilet lift, to help someone get on and off the loo without help, equates to just 10 weeks’ average care worker pay*. Yet it is something which enables the user to remain independent and without care support for potentially years to come, and has a positive impact on their feeling of wellbeing. And it frees care workers for other needy cases, so the provider achieves best value.”


Pensioner James Randall says he now has the ‘best bathroom in the world’, with the inclusion of Clos-o-Mat’s body drier, toilet lifter and wash & dry toilet. He elaborates, “It has turned my life around, I couldn’t cope on my own without it.”


Clos-o-Mat is unique in the UK in its ability to, in-house, supply, install and service & maintain a raft of accessible bathroom technology- body driers, wash & dry toilets, toilet lifts, shower seats, grab rails, drop down rails, changing benches and hoists. The range has been developed by applying the company’s expertise in enabling people with their personal care, gathered during 55 years’ serving the sector. Full details of the products, support, and technical data including white papers and design guidance are covered on the company’s website www.clos-o-mat.com.


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