Bield Chair underlines importance of people who dedicate their lives to work in care

Gerry O'Sullivan
Gerry O’Sullivan

The retiring Chair of Scotland’s leading provider of housing, care and support services for older people has underlined the importance of people who have devoted their lives to work the in sector.


Gerry O’Sullivan, Chair of Bield, said his last year in the position has been full of challenges but recognised that the hard-work of colleagues and volunteers had contributed to yet another year of progress.


Gerry said: “2015-16 was a difficult but successful year. A year of making plans and setting the direction for the journey in the years ahead. A year where we continued to make changes, reacting to a fast-moving environment, and one where we began to lay the foundations for future change.


“We know there are more tricky decisions ahead for us. We will face some difficult choices about the way we deliver services and how we can become more efficient.


“But we will continue to deliver high quality care services to a large number of older people through Care Homes, Day Care, Home Care and Flexicare Services. These services don’t just benefit the people who use the services but make all the difference to their carers, family and friends.”


His comments came at the Bield AGM at the Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh, where the organisation set out the importance of the coming months in securing a bright future for the care sector in Scotland.  


Gerry added: “None of this could have been achieved without the hard work, dedication and professionalism of our staff at all levels. Every ounce of effort that goes in every single day is much appreciated by me and my colleagues. We are fortunate to have many so many good people working with us.”


In his closing address to the AGM, following the mandated five year period as Chair of the Bield board, Gerry was glowing in his praise of what the charity has achieved and optimistic that it would continue to deliver high quality care.


He continued: “The best bits of the job were not sitting in the Boardroom strategising, reading papers, pouring over budgets but rather getting out and about meeting tenants, staff and volunteers at the coal face, seeing first hand all the fantastic work that goes on day in and day out.


“That is what makes Bield special and it has been an honour to have played a part in that journey.”


Bield is dedicated to providing quality care which will enhance and enrich the lives of older people in Scotland in line with its Free to Be’ philosophy which lets people make their own choices about how they live their lives whilst being there to offer support if needed.


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