Not all care is bad

Keith Shaw
Keith Shaw

Experts have said that while the number of pensioners aged 85 and over was stable between 2001 and 2005, because of a fall in birth rates during and immediately after the first world war, since then numbers of older pensioners had risen sharply.

In total, the population of adults aged 65 and over living in England Wales rose from 8.3 million to 9.2 million over the decade, the figures show.

Even with this increase the take up of care home beds has not increased significantly with many older people preferring to stay in their own homes and rely on home care instead.


With the amount of people relying on home care (or social care) it’s so important that this sector of care is fairly represented in the mainstream media and yet every week home care providers comment about the way reports on adult social care provision in the UK are rarely positive.

So it was good to speak to Keith Shaw Founder and CEO at Care Never Sleeps Ltd  who was delighted to share an email from the emergency services following a call to a client in Handsworth.

Keith commented;

”Prior to receiving this email I had put the company up for sale and I’m seriously contemplating leaving the care field all together as I am fed up with the lack of support from local authorities (one in particular) and their lack of insight into provision of care and their penny pinching attitude towards care.

The email lifted my spirits and made me so proud of my staff and how much they are valued”

Social care is suffering cuts across England and Wales. It’s a vital service. It keeps people in their own homes, giving them independence. It’s what we all hope for.

As Keith Shaw says;

” 24/7 care is going on across the UK, it’s undervalued but despite that every day my staff go out and care for people. We should be promoting this not pulling it down”

Here’s his email, as Keith said, enjoy!

Good evening Mr Shaw,

We would just like to take this opportunity to express to you how impressed we were with one of you carers.

We were a paramedic crew which were responded to a 999 call to one of your clients on Sunday 11th September in the Handsworth area at approx 14:00 to a gentleman who was unresponsive.

Before we had arrived your employee Tamara, had thought outside the box and realised the patient maybe suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and had administered sugar, which prevented him from slipping into a coma.

By the time we arrived the patient was fully alert and responsive. Tamara had done our job for us and prevented the patients condition getting any worse.

Tamara had a great report with the patient once he was alert making him more comfortable and putting him at ease during a worrying time. Could you please pass on our thanks and let her know just how impressed we both were! She is a credit to your company.

Many thanks,

Gavin Denley Paramedic

Niki Eaglesfield EMT

Hollymoor Ambulance Hub


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