Innovative new software cuts the cost of training in the care sector








iCareHealth’s new Electronic Medication Management software features an inbuilt eLearning module, designed to reduce the costs of staff training in the care industry.


The unique Learning Management software gives staff access to resources that help them develop and practice the skills and activities that form a core part of their duties. Training costs are reduced since there is no need to schedule training events, minimal time is required away from the workplace and travel costs and expenses are cut.


As Rohan Vendy, CEO at iCareHealth, explains – “Every time a new process is put in place or changed, training needs to happen. Yet upskilling staff in new processes, policies and technologies is expensive and hard to manage.”


For managers, the application provides intuitive workflows in which they can see at a glance the progress each individual is making. Evidence of training competency can be easily obtained, while for staff the ability to train anytime and anywhere and be able to view skills and career progression is a welcome boon.


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