Care home OT chosen to present at The Hague


KirstyPageAN OCCUPATIONAL therapist from Daventry has been chosen to present to an elite group of scientists from around the world at The Hague in The Netherlands later this month.  

Kirsty Page from Badby Park, a local care home for adults with complex needs, specialises in working with Huntington’s Disease and has been asked to share clinical advice to those working with the condition.

Amongst other symptoms, people living with Huntingdon’s Disease often have disturbed daily routines where they sleep during the day and are awake at night, particularly in the early stages of the disease. This can provide challenges to carers and as an occupational therapist Kirsty will offer advice on how to best deliver care and manage these changing circumstances.

Daventry-based Kirsty is the only occupational therapist from the UK attending the European Huntington´s Disease Network (EHDN), a prestigious international conference which will be held at the World Forum Convention Center from September 16-18th.

As founder of the ‘UK’s Occupational Therapist Specialist Interest Group for Huntington’s Disease’, Kirsty will be presenting a poster of ‘clinical tips’ to improve knowledge of what it is like to live with the disease and how interventions can reduce suffering for patients.

Kirsty said that she was delighted to have been asked to present and hoped that by sharing her work she could improve the lives of people living with Huntington’s Disease across the world.

“The poster covers clinical tips that have been developed, such as self care, domestic skills and social activities. It gives an example of eating and drinking and provides an introduction to how a functional activity can be impacted by changes in physical skills, cognitive or behaviour due to Huntington’s Disease. The tips give suggestions on how to assist with the activity, equipment suggestions and interventions.

“When there is a better understanding of what it is like to live with the disease we can provide more personalised care and help alleviate some of the suffering that patients experience.

“If we can make someone more comfortable and lessen the challenges they face we can reduce stress, which not only helps them but also their family and loved ones.”

Paul Hill, CEO of Badby Park, said he was very proud of Kirsty’s achievement and recognised her important contribution to the treatment of Huntington’s Disease.

“When clinicians and therapists work together, sharing knowledge and best practice there are great benefits for the patient and this approach is hugely important to us at Badby Park.

“Kirsty and her specialist treatment knowledge is a fantastic asset to our team. We are very proud of Kirsty and would like to wish her all the best for the presentation.”

Badby Park neurological centre provides rehabilitation, long term care, respite and palliative care for people with neurological illnesses, acquired brain injuries and spinal injuries.

This May the centre received a glowing report from the Care Quality Commission and was rated “Good” following an unannounced inspection.

The facility was praised by inspectors who said staff were caring, kind and compassionate towards residents.


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