Bristol Dementia Action Alliance aims to make Bristol the Dementia Friendly City of the UK

Rebecca Hacker who has the personal experience of losing a loved one to Dementia

Dementia awareness group Bristol Dementia Action Alliance (BDAA), launched in 2013 as a non-profit making community action group, celebrated gaining registered charity status in June 2016.


BDAA formed on the 9th July 2013 following a public meeting asking the question “Is Bristol a Dementia Friendly City?” From the meeting, Tony Hall, full time carer and husband to wife Barbara who lives with Dementia, said the conclusion was that although there was a lot of support and help in Bristol more could be done. So with a focus on encouraging business to get more involved, BDAA recently launched The BIG 100 campaign in partnership with another Bristol based charity, BRACE, in a bid to help businesses give employees access to information about what they can do to assist those living with the condition, that they may come in to contact with in a work environment.


The Big 100 is just one initiative set out by the charity that aims to make Bristol The Dementia Friendly City of the UK. The Big 100 plans to enlist 100 Bristol businesses on to a 1-hour dementia awareness session, delivered to the workforce, in the workplace, as a first step to becoming a Dementia Friendly Business.


Tony Hall, Chair, said: “Bristol Airport was one organisation to sign up and has made a significant step forward in becoming a Dementia Friendly Airport, with a dozen employees attending a “Dementia Friends” session.”


“Our session discussed what Dementia is, how to identify it in people and customers and, more importantly, how to manage and support people with the disease travelling through the airport – these can be stressful and confusing situations for those living with the condition and for their carers. We also considered the environment: buildings, offices, retail spaces and how they may be made more dementia friendly at very little cost.”


One of the charity’s Trustees is Adam Michallat-Cox, Managing Director of Wiltshire Farm Foods Bristol, and National Deputy Chair at the NACC. Adam said of the BDAA and The Big 100 campaign, ‘I have been involved with the BDAA for the last couple of years and have already witnessed a lot of positive change, so I am really looking forward to the many new initiatives that are underway, such as The Big 100′.


Rebecca Hacker, Director at care industry specialist Marketing and PR agency Soap, commented: “Like so many others, I have personal experience of losing a loved one to Dementia as do several of the Soap Team. I am proud to have donated Soaps Marketing and PR services to the BDAA and we look forward to working with the team to raise the profile of this great charity.”


Tony Hall: “We can all do something, no matter how big or small, everyone can do something, in some way, to help improve the lives of those living with the condition, and support the many carers who selflessly get on with the job of caring every day, of every year.”



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