ADASS responds to ‘Brexit and the Future of Migrants in the Social Care Workforce’ report


ADASSResponding to the Independent Age report, ‘Brexit and the Future of Migrants in the Social Care Workforce’, a spokesperson for the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) said:


Every minute of every day, millions of people are receiving a service from adult social care thanks to the contribution of staff from all over the world – from the UK, the EU and further afield. The loss of any of this valuable workforce, in a sector already under pressure from increased demand and staffing challenges, would have a profound effect, and we will seek to take part in any relevant discussions to convey our support for EU workers currently working in our adult social care system.


“It’s important to remind any non-British EU workers, and those whose care is provided by them, that nothing will change for some time; until new laws are passed by the Government, the rights of all EU citizens to live and work in the UK will not change. Until then, we will be working to improve recruitment, training and staff retention in the social care sector to make sure it’s ready for any challenges that come in the future.”


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