New heights in fundraising


BBield-care industry newsield, one of Scotland’s leading providers of housing and care services, has raised more than £160,000 over the past year thanks to the efforts of the tenants, carers, family, friends and staff.


In the latest Annual Fundraising Report, Kevin Rowe, Fundraiser for Bield praised the efforts of everyone involved in ensuring those using their services can enjoy the brightest possible future.


With fundraisers tackling the UK’s tallest mountain and running marathons, people are willing to go, quite literally, above and beyond in aid of the fantastic services open to older people throughout Scotland.


Kevin said: “As a charity, we’re a not-for-profit organisation. But the truth is, the older people we care for profit enormously from the generosity of others, and we’ll continue to do whatever we can to keep this going.


“The lion’s share of funding comes from grant applications but more and more people are generously supporting us by either taking on sponsored challenges to raise money, making direct donations or even leaving legacy gifts in their wills. Donations of all sizes have gone into reaching this total and we make sure that every single one makes a real difference to the lives of older people in Scotland.


“It’s true to say that several of our care services simply wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for donations from members of the general public so we and everyone who uses our services are extremely grateful to all those who have put their money, time and effort into raising funds for Bield.”


This marks the highest annual total raised for Bield in more than a decade and  was only made possible thanks to grants from the Scottish Government’s People and Communities Fund, the Bank of Scotland Foundation,  the R S Macdonald Charitable Trust, the Short Breaks Fund and players of the People’s Postcode Lottery.


Kevin, who has played a valuable part in his six years with Bield, raising over £500,000 and ensuring that they continue to offer the highest quality of service, added: “I may be the only official Fundraiser but everyone involved with Bield raises funds in their own way, and encourages donations by providing great care or simply telling people about our fantastic services.”


The charity raised over £30,000 in 2015-16, thanks to sponsored challenges, fundraising events, In Memory donations and funeral collections, regular and one-off donations most of which we increased by a further 25 per cent thanks to Gift Aid.


All the funds raised go towards providing the best possible quality care and housing, both in supporting older people living in Scotland and their carers, ensuring that quality of life is of the utmost priority for everyone working with Bield.


Kevin added: “The kindness of our donors means that although our primary focus is on older people, we can support their dedicated carers too.


“Carers do incredible work yet 11 per cent of them say they have nobody to rely upon if they wanted to take a break and a staggering 42 per cent state they have not had a break since they began caring for their loved one.”


This is yet another way the charity looks to instil its ‘Free to Be’ ethos, ensuring that people are able to live their lives and make their own choices as much as possible.


Receiving no permanent statutory funding for these sorts of projects, the support Bield is able to give its service users would not be possible without the generous gifts of its donors.


From days out and social activities at developments to Pamper Rooms and Dementia Drop Ins, the money raised is put to excellent use improving the wellbeing of older people and carers all over Scotland


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