Improve safety for care workers and clients


clos-o-mat care hoist elderlyAt least one carer or care worker is injured every day through handling1 yet the risk to all involved could be significantly reduced through installation of appropriate assistive technology.


Under good practice guidelines, provision for the installation of a hoist system should be made2, and, in residential care & nursing homes, 5% of bedrooms should have a fixed track hoist system.


Clos-o-Mat, Britain’s leading provider of toileting solutions for disabled and elderly people, now provides a complete fixed track hoist service, from design advice, to supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


“Hoists are a key element of our work in away from home accessible toilet provision,” explained Clos-o-Mat’s Kelvin Grimes. “The expertise we have gained in that sector means we are uniquely positioned to help residential care and nursing homes adapt their premises to optimise safe transfer, making daily tasks safer for clients and workers alike.”


Clos-o-Mat’s hoist range has the flexibility to address moving the person finitely within a single room or room-to-room transfer, from the floor or a piece of furniture or equipment. It can lift up to 31st (200kg), and moves them smoothly and easily with soft start and stop operation.


The hoists compliment Clos-o-Mat’s established Aerolet toilet lift, which provides safe, secure transfer onto and off the toilet.


“Manual handling is a major part of any care worker’s role, yet one with a lot of risk if not done properly, as the statistics show: the sector has the highest number of reported handling injuries3,” adds Kelvin. “Provided full, appropriate training and risk assessment is undertaken, hoists can be a valuable addition to a care environment, improving safety for all involved.”


Full details of Clos-o-Mat raft of ceiling track hoist solutions and support services are available from its national team of sales managers, or online @, under the accessible bathrooms button.


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