Caremark (Barnsley) welcomes ‘first class’ new care workers!


Flip chart of 'what makes a good carer' Aug 2016 Welcome to new staff Aug 2016Barnsley home care provider welcomed sixteen new care workers to their care teams earlier in the week.

The enthusiastic group of learners, who spent a week in the Barnsley offices undergoing their mandatory training were described as ‘absolutely first class!’

Feedback from the training sessions was equally as positive with one student commenting: “I can honestly say that this training was the best I have received and I have been a care worker for a number of years at other organizations.  It was fun and I will remember what I’ve learned.”

Cathryn Fewster, Registered Care Manager took the new recruits through their Dementia Friends training sessions and asked them to record what being a good care worker meant to each of them.

Cathryn explained: “We had some fabulous examples and reference points.  We want them to empathize and it really gets people thinking.  It can get very emotional too and we had a few tears as it means so much to people.

“We want to help our staff see the person and connect with the human being, the person in the centre of what we do.”

Caremark (Barnsley)’s trainer Conrad Baranyai said: “They were absolutely first class! Everyone made a real effort to participate and get involved and they were a really nice group of people.”

The newly trained care workers now start their practical field training and will shadow experienced care workers until they are ready to take on their own clients.

Caremark (Barnsley) deliver personalized care and support to a broad range of clients throughout the Borough, providing a much needed service to people of all ages, abilities and ethnicities.


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