Auriens makes major investment into private nursing agency Draycott Nursing & Care


development-2-1200x860Taking pride in amiably challenging the conventions around ageing, Auriens has further advanced towards providing a comprehensive premium offering for later lifers.  The announcement of this partnership between Draycott Nursing & Care and Auriens aligns both businesses in providing the ultimate in care to their clients.


With a 20-year track record in providing the best healthcare at home, Draycott Nursing & Care was the obvious choice of partner for Auriens.  Draycott’s team of Registered Nurses, experienced home care staff and exceptional management will form an integral part of the unparalleled residential experience for Auriens residents.




Draycott Nursing and Care was founded by Angela Hamlin, ex-Deputy Matron of the King Edward VII’s Hospital for Officers. Through professional and personal experience Angela knows the importance of having the highest quality of staff working with clients.  A leading visionary and innovator in training carers and developing future facilities for clients, Angela, like the Auriens team recognises that the radically changing mindset and health of the 65+ group has impacted the traditional care home sector.


This shift in mindset amongst later lifers has exposed a lack of quality options in the care home market, with the traditional model failing to meet the changing wants and needs of a healthier, more dynamic 65+ group.  Here Auriens seized the opportunity to create a new kind of retirement living at the premium end of the lifestyle market.


Of the Draycott investment, Auriens co-founder Johnny Sandelson said, “It was essential for us to align with the market leader in home care.  The skill and passion of Angela’s team will sit seamlessly within the Auriens experience, ensuring that our offering effortlessly caters to the capital’s most discerning clientele.”


Karen Mulville, co-founder of Auriens says, “This strategic move represents filling in the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle.  We now have a world class site and a world class provider of care”.


Angela Hamlin, founder of Draycott Nursing & Care said, “My personal vision for Draycott Nursing has always been to develop a world leading facility for ageing.  It was obvious from the outset that this was a vision shared by the Auriens team.  We are delighted to become a part of the wonderful offering that Auriens is creating.”


Auriens’ first site on the King’s Road in the heart of Chelsea will provide a stylish and dynamic environment for residents to experience ‘vintage vitality’, an energising lifestyle for later lifers.  Forging a path for agefulness to be a wonderful and considered experience, Auriens is expected to open by 2019, setting a new benchmark in retirement living.


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