Care England says too little to late?


Thome-careoday the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services published its esteemed annual Budget Survey.  Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England, a representative body for independent social care providers, says:


In the main, Directors of Adult Social Services recognise the essential nature of social care; however they need to have the confidence and thus resources to be able to plan and deliver for the weeks, months and years ahead.  



The social care precept delivered in the Chancellor’s Comprehensive Spending Review has raised less than two thirds of the calculated costs of the National Living Wage. Its implementation is patchy around the country and it is abundantly clear that the investment in social care is not there.  This in turn impacts on the millions of people needing care and support; furthermore it has a knock on effect on the efficacy of the NHS”. 


Care England will continue to turn up the volume on social care and work with politicians to ensure that providers can continue to provide high quality care for those in need.  Social care underpins the sustainability of the NHS.


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