Age UK comments on social care funding gap


Age UK-careindustrynews“Despite the best efforts of councils to protect adult social services budgets, the latest ADASS survey continues to highlight the terrible and growing gap between the care needs of older people and the services available to meet them.


“Unless policy makers are willing to invest in the sector, thousands of older people and their families and carers face a bleak future living without basic daily needs being met. It is a disgrace that there are already  over  a  million older people who need support for things like getting dressed, going to the toilet, taking their medication or preparing their food who receive no help at all.


There is an unprecedented uncertainty about the future of the social and political landscape which impacts all of us. This should not come at the expense of older people and the services that they require. We urge the new Prime Minister to recognise the importance of quality social care and commit to increased investment as an urgent priority.”



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