Address shortfall in funding and give better care

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Palma Vita wash & dry toilet is the biggest selling unit of its kind, and the only one specifically developed for disabled people

Latest figures1 reveal a shortfall of at least £30/resident/week in local authority-funded residential care.


But that shortfall in funding can be covered with money to spare, and better services provided, by changing a conventional WC for a Clos-o-Mat wash & dry toilet.


The Clos-o-Mat looks like- and can be used as a conventional WC, but it also washes & dries the user. The need for care assistance is wipe clean after toileting is eliminated. As a result, care staff can spend their time on other duties, reducing your staff requirement and thus costs, thereby helping address the difference between running costs and funding.


Calculations2 show that even if just one resident uses the Clos-o-Mat and no longer needs the help of a care worker to toilet, the savings yielded are three times the shortfall! The capital cost is covered in less than 8 months, so the subsequent savings can be offset against the shortfall. If more residents use it, and more care staff relieved, costs are amortised even more quickly.


Further financial benefit is achieved as the purchase of the Clos-o-Mat can be set against capital allowance for tax relief.


And once paid for, your clients still reap the benefit, of enhanced independence, dignity and privacy, and you of more efficient use of staff with reduced exposure to manual handling and hygiene issues.


Observes Amanda O’Neil, manager at Eshcol House which has already installed a Clos-o-Mat, “”Clients comment on the fact they feel it gives them increased independence, and restores their dignity, instead of the emotional and psychological devastation of having to have someone clean them and deal with a very intimate issue. Our carers can spend more, qualitative time to our clients, as they are not spending as much time on bathroom duties.”


Clos-o-Mat is Britain’s largest provider of toilet solutions that enable dignity, control and independence for elderly & disabled people. Its Palma Vita wash & dry toilet is the biggest selling unit of its kind, and the only one specifically developed for disabled people.


Clos-o-Mat has a comprehensive range of personal care assistive technology that improves independence and reduces reliance on care staff, including toilet lifters, body driers, height adjustable basins, hoists, and shower chairs. Its website has a dedicated section for care homes.


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