Telehealth benefits care home residents

L-R Springhill resident Jean Fenton with service manager Bernadette Benn
L-R Springhill resident Jean Fenton with service manager Bernadette Benn

Residents at a Lancashire care home are reaping the benefits of groundbreaking technology allowing them to take greater control of their health


The Telehealth system is being used at Springhill Care Home in Accrington, and enables healthcare professionals to monitor and manage patients’ long term health conditions through the remote exchange of data.


By using the system, residents can receive medical advice and guidance from health professionals without the need to leave the home to visit a surgery or a hospital.


Users can also take readings in relation to certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, asthma and heart conditions, and submit to their GP at any time.


Bernadette Bennett, service manager at Springhill Care Home, said: “There are many benefits to using the Telehealth system for people who have long-term health issues. It reduces the time involved in making phone calls and waiting for doctors to respond, and as a result outcomes are delivered far more quickly.


“It also means users can discuss any changes to their condition with a doctor immediately, without having to wait for an appointment. Residents don’t need to leave the home and travel to see their GP, which at times can be impractical and very time consuming for the individual.


“The system is also helping residents to retain a sense of independence when it comes to being in control of their own health and wellbeing, which is important in the delivery of personalised care.”


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