SPACE lands in Slough and partners with ategi Homeshare to make a real difference to those in need


SPACESPACE is a new consortium of 40 organisations looking to make a real difference to those people in the local community of Slough who need advice, care and support.

ategi Homeshare works by matching the elderly living alone who need extra support, with young professionals who are struggling with spiralling rents and are willing to help. ategi Homeshare is the perfect solution, solving both of these issues.

Talking about their support of the Homeshare project; Joana Flaxman, SPACE Operations Manager said: “We take time to investigate the projects we offer financial support to in great depth. We are funding 15 Householders to be part of the Homeshare programme in the Slough area because it is an exciting new service for people who live alone and need an extra helping hand. The Homeshare programme reduces loneliness and isolation allowing people to remain in their home.”

One Homesharer talking about the scheme said: Homeshare has changed my life in many ways. I Homeshare with a very independent and intelligent 95 years old lady called Rita, she loves her home and her family and little by little I became part of her life. I love her views about life and her stories; she is brilliant and has a very young spirit! I would encourage anyone with an elderly relative who needs a little support and that the family needs peace of mind to know someone is there to help when needed to investigate the possibility of Homeshare. You can make a difference in someone’s life but also make a great improvement to your own”

There is no exchange of money between Householder and Homesharer, but both parties pay a monthly fee to the charity to make the service sustainable and in order to carry the needed safeguarding and monitoring activities. This fee will be covered by the SPACE grant for the first year of the new Homeshare.

Tim Southern, CEO of ategi Homeshare added “We are delighted by the support we are receiving from SPACE. Homeshare schemes are a new model of support which moves away from the more traditional and institutional models of care to a more holistic and well-being approach. It will promote independent living and ensure those living for longer make the most of those extra years. This can only be a good thing for both the sharers and it takes the pressure of mainstream care services.”

If you know anyone who needs a little extra support at home and think they could benefit from finding out more, please contact us on 01494 568888 or 07795 358 352. You can follow us on Twitter @ategiHomeshare


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