Go to the loo to help restore dignity-News from Clos-o-Mat


clos-o-mat palma 2016“Would you want your wife or husband (or child) to be wiping your bottom every time you needed to go to the loo?”


This kind of anecdotal evidence improves that one area that impacts on a person’s dignity, feeling of independence and wellbeing, be it cared for or carer, is going to the toilet and having to deal with subsequent cleanliness. And that potentially affects over 3million people1….


Dignity can be restored, and hygiene for all involved improved, by replacing the conventional WC with a wash & dry toilet. It looks like a conventional WC; its built-in douching and drying means it is also, in one unit, a bidet and drier, eliminating any need for manual cleansing, or hand:body contact.


The brand leader, the Clos-o-Mat Palma Vita, can also still be used as a ‘traditional’ toilet, and delivers the most effective cleaning process of its type on the market2. Uniquely, the Clos-o-Mat can be easily fitted with any of a range of accessories initially or later on, enabling tailoring to individual needs as they change over time; in-house maintenance engineers provide annual service/maintenance and rapid repair should the need arise.


The Clos-o-Mat can be installed under a Disabled Facilities Grant or as a Better Care Fund adaptation, or privately funded. The cost equates to as little as 25p/day3.


The value of installing a Clos-o-Mat is summed up by Multiple Sclerosis sufferer Kevin Pointing, whose unit was fitted under a DFG: “Would you want your wife or husband to be wiping your bottom every time you needed to go to the loo? Our quality of life has gone through the roof! The Clos-o-Mat has helped enormously, physically and mentally. We have a lot of friends who visit, and they all love it too, and almost make excuses to go to the toilet when they’re here!”


Clos-o-Mat was founded over 55 years ago. More than 30,000 Palma Vitas are now in people’s homes around the country.


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