Brighterkind celebrate the Best of British


brighterkind-best of british-care industry newsResidents and care teams at the 70 brighterkind care homes throughout the UK are hosting “best of British” themed events for care home open day.

The best of British theme was decided after consultation with residents and staff and it was left to them to decide how each home would interpret the theme. This has resulted in a range of novel events in different homes with the traditional British summer tea party, barbecue and garden fete being given original twists with themes such as a British seaside holiday, complete with Punch & Judy, candy floss and ice cream; a sing-along celebration of music from when grandparents were in their teens; a best of British talent competition; celebration of popular British music and cars; a Wimbledon themed party with Pimms and strawberries and cream; poetry readings; music from WW2; a bake-off and beer tasting and a flower show.

Lorraine McGarry-Wall, Chief Operating Officer, said: “We want to celebrate Britishness and the things that bind us together: our character, our inclusiveness and cultural mix, our food and most of all people and community. “We are opening the doors of our homes to families and friends of our residents or anyone from the local community who just wants to come along to join the event and see for themselves what living in a care home can offer.”


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