Residents get Home Ready for Summer With Trip to Garden Centre


Residents at NotcuttsWith summer quickly approaching, residents of Woodgate Residential Home in Tonbridge took a trip to the nearby garden centre, to stock up on plants for the home’s garden.


Accompanied by staff, residents of the Tudeley Lane residential home spent an afternoon at Notcutts Garden Centre, browsing and stocking up on some lovely new plants for their courtyard.


Staff treated the residents to some beautiful brightly coloured new plants, which they all enjoyed potting in the sunshine later in the week. After a long stroll around the centre, the residents enjoyed a well-deserved rest before heading back home.


The group enjoyed tucking into a delicious cream tea, whilst chatting to one another about their new plants and how great they would look once potted in the garden.


Leah Gale, activity coordinator at Woodgate commented: “At Woodgate, we believe that outdoor space is very important, as it not only creates a calming environment, it also reduces stress for those living with dementia.


“It’s excellent that the residents love to get involved with the running of their home, including choosing and potting plants for their courtyard. Some of them also like to set the tables at mealtimes or sweep the floor, it is their home after all!”


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