‘National first’ for Oxfordshire care home with Stroke Association award


Stroke Association-Care Industry NewsA care home in Stanford in the Vale is celebrating this week after receiving confirmation that it will be the first in the country to receive a Stroke Association Care Award, meeting the five standards to help improve Stroke care.

The Grange Care Centre, which has been run by husband and wife team, Ian and Wendy Mead for over 30 years, has received the Bronze award in which assessors look at the provision in place to help those living with the after effects of a stroke, and indeed, to spot symptoms and react quickly to anyone having a stroke, in order to ensure best possible outcomes.  The process, which involves rigorous training and assessment, has been completed over the last few months as part of the Stroke Association’s pilot scheme.

“Stroke is the fourth largest cause of death in the UK, and within our residents, is one of the highest causes of disabilities, which is one of the main reasons why we wanted to participate in this programme.  We want everyone living at The Grange to have the best quality of life, and our commitment to this assessment process means that our teams are now more aware than ever before, of the particular needs of stroke survivors,” comments Wendy Mead.

Going through the assessment process involved reviewing and expanding training programmes and learning opportunities for staff at the home, including encouraging a large number of staff to achieve Level 2 Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury qualification.  Advice sheets, made available to residents and their families have been particularly helpful, making everyone aware of lifestyle changes to prevent a stroke including the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.  Staff now encourage residents to walk and support them to take part in the revolutionised activity schedule, including residents in their rooms.  Wendy and her staff match the interests of the staff with those of their residents and provide support for those with communication difficulties.

“We’re also looking to take what we have learned out into the wider community to educate local groups on how to reduce the risk of stroke – we have become a local beacon of knowledge and stroke expertise, which makes us incredibly proud,” adds Wendy.

The home’s commitment to the process will be reviewed annually, although staff are keen to further develop their skills.  “We might be the first home in the country to achieve the bronze award, but we’ve got our eyes firmly set on silver and gold for the future!” says Ian Mead.

Jane Lewis, Education and Training Officer for the Stroke Association said: “It has been a pleasure to see the Stroke Association’s Care Award come to life, being wholeheartedly adopted and implemented by Wendy and her team. Wendy’s hard work and determination will help to demonstrate how other care providers can meet the standards needed to achieve the award.”

The Grange is part of the Forest Healthcare family of homes, which includes 12 other homes throughout London and the South East.  Chief executive, Paul Musgrave, comments: “Wendy and Ian bring a wonderful warmth to the residents in their home, and this fantastic achievement demonstrates that the choice is out there for people who want both a ‘family’ feel and the best possible quality of care.  We’re looking forward to sharing their experiences with our other homes in the coming months with a view to achieving many more Stoke Association Care Awards across the group.”

The Grange is a residential nursing home offering 24-hour care to elderly residents and younger people in need of round the clock support, whether as respite, post-operative or long-term care


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