Training programme rolled out for those who deliver services to people who may present challenging behaviour

James Kiamtia-Cooper
James Kiamtia-Cooper

The UK’s fourth biggest organisation providing residential services for people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and acquired brain injuries has entered into an exciting new training partnership with the Loddon foundation.

Regard, which operates 147 residential and supported living services across the UK, is establishing a centre for delivering specialist training as part of its Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) programme for those who deliver services to people who may present challenging behaviour.

The partnership sees Regard work with Loddon Training and Consultancy to deliver strategies for crisis intervention and has its roots in a programme developed in America.

James Kiamtia-Cooper, Head of Behaviour Support at Regard, said:  “We will be rolling out a programme of training so that every individual who works with someone who might display challenging behaviour will be able to develop techniques that are aimed at prevention rather than intervention.“An important part of this relationship will be working together with Loddon to develop resources that we can share with others in the care industry, promoting best practice.”

The training will be accredited under the British Institute of Learning Disabilities and is aimed at providing those who work within Regard with safe techniques for protectively supporting individuals who display challenging and aggressive behaviour.

Said James Kiamtia-Cooper: “We are supporting those in our care to develop lifelong skills that enhance their quality of life. We want to minimise the use of physical intervention. Often people’s behaviour results from not being able to communicate their wants and needs.  Safe and constant support is the key.

“Our aim is to enhance people’s quality of life by staff being trained in proactive and positive techniques for working and communicating with individuals who at times may be challenging. Teaching life skills and coping strategies to the people we support is our goal here at Regard.”

Mr Kiamtia-Cooper is scheme co-ordinator and is leading a team of four principal instructors. They are working to develop an in-house team of 45 qualified instructors within Regard as part of the organisation’s Positive Behaviour Support programme.

The company-wide approach will see the programme rolled out throughout England and Wales over the next six years.


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