Specialist physiotherapy treatment enables man to walk again


th83J4AN3VA man who thought he would never walk again has been given new hope after months of intensive specialist physiotherapy treatment at Bramley Health’s Croham Place facility.

Croham Place provides a multidisciplinary team rehabilitation service designed to provide permanent, transitional, respite care for younger adults with physical disabilities, neuropsychiatric and / or degenerative conditions who require high levels of care and support to manage their disabilities.

65 year-old Roger Slater came Croham Place following an admission to a General Hospital following a fall. Due to the length of time that Roger spent in Hospital he had lost the ability to walk after gradually losing the bulk of the muscle mass in his legs. The South London native was bedbound for extended periods whilst in Hospital, meaning his legs had become so weak that he was unable to stand up unaided, muscles within his back had begun to fuse and his balance had become disorientated.

Thanks to six months of hard work and guidance from Senior Physiotherapist, Thanassis Kontzedakis, Roger has made his first steps towards a full recovery and can now stand up by himself and walk with the assistance of a Zimmer frame.

Thanassis, a CSPT Band 7 physiotherapist, and his team at Croham Place developed a unique programme for Roger’s rehabilitation. During bi-weekly 45 minute intensive sessions they concentrated on improving joint flexibility, building strength in his quads and calves, all whilst working to improve Roger’s balance. During the sessions Thanassis would take photographs of Roger doing his exercises to provide him with a reference point so that he could keep up with the exercise regime outside the sessions. Being able to reflect on his week-on-week improvements also served to boost Roger’s confidence, which can be one of the major obstacles in dealing with people who have physical disabilities.

Thanassis Kontzedakis, Senior Physiotherapist at Croham Place, said: “Roger has made amazing progress during his time with us, not only physically but mentally too. He has really come out of his shell and gained in confidence.

“I think when he first came here he was feeling low and had lost hope of ever leaving his wheelchair, so to see him getting up and walking without help from anyone else just six months later is simply fantastic.

“Whereas before he relied heavily on other people’s help to do even the most basic tasks, he now has gained a great deal of independence. He loves to pop round the corner for his breakfast and regularly takes trips to the shops.

“Roger is proof that well-delivered physiotherapy has the ability to deliver significant health benefits and can massively improve people’s physical, emotional and social well-being.”


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